Jai Shri Gurudev Maharaj

Jai Shri Gurudev Maharaj
Jai Shri Maa
Our beloved respected Shri Maharaj ji was a Karam Yogi (One who believes in the theory of Karma – for whom the work is worship) and a true person. My husband before our marriage were associated with Swami ji and thus I feel it is my greatest gift from God and may be somewhere the relation in my past birth that made me associate with Swami ji and I was able to spend some devotional moments in his shades. He is not only God for us, but a father a friend. To understand a relation between a teacher and a pupil was very difficult for us rather we were too ignorant to make a bond like that – however we believed in obeying him and always kept ourselves in his shades. His devotion and seeking God was what we aimed. Be it a happy moment a sad moment or something wrong happened with us he was always there – his presence gave us strength and we were able to cope up with the circumstances very quickly. Well it was something magical, just the discussion or a couple of talks with Swamiji gave us all the answers to our problems as if he knew what we are seeking for.  And so is Shree Maa ji (Mataji) who continues to show the path of seeking God continuously in one’s life.
The time spent with Swamiji is worthless / in valuable and the memories are worth keeping as a treasure. There are many aspects of  Swamiji’s life which I believe I am not capable to pen down, still will like to try and share some of his memories.
Way back in 1984, my husband got promoted to a distinguished post in the Govt. sector, all by the grace of Swamiji; we were happy and celebrations in our home began. But then, the joys didn’t last too long when we came to hear that the Govt. has taken back the orders and the promotions have been cancelled. My husband got tensed and went to Swamiji and told him everything. After narrating the whole incident my husband said “Swamiji is this what is going to happen to your devotee as this ever happened with ”;  Swamiji smiled looked at East and said “It will never happen my son”. Mataji was also the part of the conversation and she was a bit worried as her children were under stress. Swamiji made all the possible efforts to get us out of this stress and pain..
Well to change the order passed, we made the best possible efforts and floated money, but seemed like nothing worked. We were tensed as our economic conditions were falling. We were unable to understand what to do, and where to go, whom to visit. We were thing which astrologer should we consult who can offer us the solution to the problem that we are facing. We used to visit only Swamiji and apart from him we never visited anyone. We were discussing thinking when suddenly, I don’t know what was in my husband’s mind when he started the motorcycle and went to Swamiji. After all it was only He, who had solutions to all our problems then why this is taking so long – I could not understand that. As soon as my husband arrived Swamiji said – “ Hey is the Job going on well?”. My husband went running to him and told him what all happened. And listing to this Swamiji said – “Your seat and your post is vacant – all are waiting for you my son, go, smile and join the office. Why are you not joining, why you are breaking your day’s living. Go and join your duties. This was all what fate had written for you, even Lord ram could not escape the fate – afterall he too spent 14years of his life in exile.” After saying this Swamiji gave a sum of Rs 500 to my husband. These Rs 500 were given by the devotees.  And my husband was back home, happy and smiling. Seeing his smiling face I too was somewhere relieved from the pain. The very next day, my husband packed his bags and left for Sansapur, where he joined his duties. He spent over two weeks there and the order was released that he has been sent to Kullu – this is what we wished and it came true. Then the Govt promoted him to the next higher level.
And yes I do agree, as said by Swamiji that this was the fate, so it all happened. But I still believe somewhere Swamiji had powers to direct the fate in the direction we wished. Blessed are we that we had his blessings always showered on us. It is his blessing and good wishes that he showers on people like us, otherwise we stand no where in front of his existence.
Wish I could write more and more, but am lacking expression. I wish, and pray to God that I should spend last days of my life under his shelter. He is my friend, my father and my God. He is the most respectable person.
With humble regards and bow in his feet.

With Regards


 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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