We need to find god,and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.God is the friend of silence.See how nature-trees,flowers,grass-grows in silence;see the stars ,the moon and the sun,how they mve in silence..We need silence to be able to touch souls.

 The first Mangal Charan:-

Tav kathamritam tapt jeevanmum

Kavi Bhiriditam kalmshaphm

Shrvan Mangalm Shri Madatat

Bhuvi grinanti ye Bhurida  Jnah.

Oh God, the story of your wonderful leela, Bhagwad katha is like elixir. The katha relieves the humanity of its sufferings and is life-giving and remover of sins. The Gyani Mahatmas (Sages) have highly applauded the katha. Mere listening to it brings good fortune. It is vast and highly melodious. O God, those who sing the song of your Leela katha are indeed the best benefactors on the face of this earth.








It was 9th of July when we – me and my husband, got up early in the morning, had bath, took a cup of tea and put our luggage in our car to leave for Kullu, Vaishno Devi Temple to attend Adathyamic Samalen  and Guru Purnima .

At about 6.30 PM we reached Kullu. With excitement and happiness we both went upstairs to meet Mother (Geeta Maa) as soon as we parked our car. But to our surprise she was not there. My brother, who was already there, was waiting to receive us and he told  that Matajee has just now gone to hall.

We went there.  My  eyes were eagerly searching for her. Finally I found the her shining - sitting with her followers. This reminded me of the Ras Leela that Sri Krishna performed with his Gopiyaan.

As soon as she saw me and my husband, she greeted us with the smiling face. As she approached us, she looked like Maa Durga giving blessings. We both did Dandwat Pranam and she held me in her arms and gave a warm hug. Then we took tea and went for  dinner and after that went to sleep.

We woke up early the next day, had bath at about 5:30 AM and reached the temple near Gufa.  Mother  was already there along with her followers and disciples. We did her charn sparsh and then went to take water from Byas river which then will be taken to Shiv Gufa. This actually is called Ganga jal and then we went for prabhat farey.  All the ladies were wearing yellow dupatas on their heads.  

Mother was looking like Durga, her face was shining bright like sun and we were following her. I felt as if this is the way to heaven. Reciting Om Namah Shivaya and following Matajee all the way up gave me a Divya Anand. I felt like I am walking the stairs to the Swag Lok. Following mother through Swamiji Samadhi, Vivek Bhaiya jee Samadhi, Havan Kund, hanuman Mandir, Kali temple, Durga temple, Saraswati temple all give me the positive vibes, as if I am in the heavenly abode. I still can feel those viberations all over my body and mind, heart and soul.

I cannot express what a beautiful that scene was. Everybody was dancing in the joy of divinity and I was feeling the presence of God everywhere around me. I also felt the presence of swamiji. I felt as if he was standing their to welcome Mother and her followers. One of the followers Manoj Jee and his wife Amita Jee had bought some clothes for Swamiji. Mother with the help of Amita Jee changed the clothes of Swamiji. I was happy and excited and enjoying every moment.

After that one by one – reciting Om Namah Shivaya, we entered Shiv Gufa and poured water on Shiv Ling and then also poured oil on Shani Dev. It was a divya ananda of swarg lok that I was feeling.

After this we went to canteen for morning tea and gathered again for the Sammelan and the day went on.

In the evening around 7pm we again gathered near vaishno mata gufa for Aarti with Mother. She was reciting YA DEVI SARVABHUTESHU repeatedly. I saw Matajee – she was looking at holy mother and in return I felt holy mother (Sharda Maa) is also looking at her as if both of them are talking to each other. Suddenly we all witnessed a big black spider who rushed from Sharda Maa towards Matajee. And stood a feet above the ground from her and then rushed back to Sharda Maa. To my surprise, Matajee was not scared at all, rather she called her “Mata giving darshana in the form of Spider”. So she started saying YA DEVI SARVEBHUTESHU MAKDI RUPEN SANASTHITHA…

It was a very beautiful experience. This made me realize that God can exist in any form and at anytime. All we need to do is recognize him. 


 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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