The bonds of desire and Maya

It is very difficult to by pass Maya and go beyond the desires through out "Aatma". the self is luminous shining as bright as the Sun, it is covered with the veils of the desires, one after the other and so we do not see or realize our own self. The shining one the universal light, the pure intelligence, knower and the knowledge absolute.

Swamiji gave an example and said " Suppose the cosmic light, resplendent light is covered by five Chimneys. The outer most Chimney is made of clay, stone etc; say it is an earthen chimney. Then there is a watery chimney inside it. Then a firey chimney inside that. This firey chimney is surrounded by space. And in the end it had chimney made of universe in it. And the light is shining in the universe itself. We are sitting outside and above all these five chimneys. We are under the influence of Maya and want to see the light of Aatma, the self".

I said, Swamiji I do not understand your symbolism, It is very sublime. Please elaborate.

Swamiji laughed and said, then understand this like this that the outer most chimne is made of earth, the prithaviatma, whether it is gold dimonds jewels etc. The desires for achieving wealth or greed, which is also called "Lobha" is made of Prithaviatma. So the desire for wealth, the greed, the lobha, is the most outer opaque Chimney surrounding the light of Aatma. It is the thickest viel on the light of the self. As long as we are not contended, as long as we do not give up all the desires to acquire the worldly wealth, we cannot have even a glimpse of the eternal light of Aatmaa or the bliss of the self realization.

When you renunciate all your desires of worldly wealth, when your cast aside the Lobha the outermost and the thickest chimney of Prithaviatma is broken and you can have the small glimse of the light of Aatma of self realization.

The Kundalini yoga Muladhar chakra, at the base of the spinal cord, is the seat of Kundalini and Pritaviatma. By conquering the Pritaviatma or Lobha the Kundalini gets a boost and begins to rise. The dormant state of Kundalini ends, and there comes a movement in it.

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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