The Reappearance

The soul reappears in many ways. Generally the soul remains in the forth dimension which is invisible. But if it hardens its will, it can reappear in 3D form also. When the soul leaves the body, it takes along with the astral body contains mind, ego, intelligence and the Chitta where all actions have been recorded along with the five senses, and pranvayu and this suksham shrira (subtle body or astral body) takes rebirth according to the action of the last birth this is called re-birth. Sometimes a child remembers his last birth upto 2-3 years and he gives such proofs which on examination are found correct. Many examples have been found of this kind and published by the Newspapers. The soul can reappear without taking birth also or say so long as it does take another birth, it can appear in its astral body. Proofs have also been found such as reappearance. It is said that during the British rule a soul had reappeared in the court and stood evidence of the murder case and the place was dug up according to her evidence and the dead body was found there and on the strength of her evidence, the murderer was hanged because the dead body and the weapon were found.

The soul can appear in the dream and tell you the truth. In 1961, I was on census duty in the Bhunter area. One day I reached the house of my old head master who had taught me in the 1st class. He asked me about my whereabouts and I told him that I was there for the census work. He invited me the next day and said, My father’s Shradh is also tomorrow. So you have your meals with me and do the census work also. The next day when I reached him the Shradh ceremony was over. Two other guests were also there. Then he started talking about the philosophy of Shradh and said, I am Arya Samaji by ideology, I never used to trust in Shradh act. But my wife believed in Sanatan Dharam. She used to celebrate the Shradh of my father. So I never stopped her but co-operated with her in all the ceremony. I never interfered with her ideology.

One day it so happened that  I had a dream in which I saw my father and he said to me, My dear boy, you provide me with everything, food , water, fruit etc. but you know I have a bad habit of taking opium and I do not have received the same from the very long time. Dear son go to the last floor of the house. I have left my old clothes in the bundles. And in these bundles I have kept some opium wrapped in the red cloth. Please bring it out and give me.

The headmaster was very amazed. He said he knew that his father used to take opium so he went to the last floor of the house and searched all the bundles. The opium wrapped in the red cloth was found. He said, I came down and talked to my wife and told whole story and said this not such anything which can be offended any one. Whom should we give it. This is the banned material. The wife said, Don’t worry you pray to your father. You tell him that you are prepared to do what he has told you to do. So if you need it please come in any form and take it, because I can not give it to anybody.

I did as my wife told me. I prayed to my father’s soul that he should arrange to take over the delivery of this item as he has ordained in the dream. After some days the Shradh of my father was due when we started the ceremony of Shradh Puja and healthy Baba with saffron clothes came and asked for the alms, I went to the door and asked Baba what he wanted. The Baba said I want special thing, if you can give them I shall stay otherwise I will leave. I said, Babaji, please let me know what do you want. If I can I shall certainly give you. The Baba said, Bhagat, I take opium and I could not get it from many days. So if you can provide I shall stay else I shall move ahead. The head master said, I understood, that the soul of my father has come in this form to receive opium from me because I had prayed that he should arrange for the delivery of the article, because he could not give this banned article to anybody. So I said to Baba ji to sit and get the same. After the Shradh Puja I offered a Chaddar to Baba ji and handed over the opium wrapped in read cloth. Baba took his meals and went away. After two days my father came into my dream and said joyfully, well done my son, you have obeyed my orders. I have received the thing I wanted. May you remain happy and prosperous. The head master again said, I was astonished as to how the soul of my father into that Baba and whatever my father asked to give him, he came and received that in this form. This even shows that as long as the soul does not take the next birth, it can re-appear in any form at any place and guide her well wisher. This is general about the souls, but the Sidh Mahatmas who have achieved self realization, have a different story. These souls are very powerful endowed with the tremendous will power and perfect knowledge. These souls can reappear with the same boby, though this body is not actually the physical body, but it appears to be so far all intents and purposes. It appears to be real body due to the strong will power of that soul.

The internationally famous Swami Yogi Nanda’s guru, Swami Yukteshwar Nanda ji such a Sidh Purush. He appeared with the same body clothes before his disciple Yoga Nanda some months after he had left this world, Swami Yukteshwar Nanda said to Yogananda, Don’t think that I have come with the astral body, I have come with the full physical body, you can test the same by hugging me. Get yourself satisfied. I am the same Yukteshwar Nanda. They talked to each other and Swami Yukteshwar Nanda gave a sermon to Swami Yogananda to make his knowledge perfect in all respect. Then he disappeared again. Swamiji often used to say to our mother, When your time to leave this world comes I shall myself come and take you to the heaven. My mother often repeatedly told my friends and relations about this promise of Swamiji. My friend MP Bhargava, who used to come daily and sit by Mataji, told me that  Mataji had repeatedl told him about this. When Swamiji left this world for the heavenly abode in 1987, I often used to think how would Swamiji keep his promise now. May be Swamiji might have said to keep Mataji hopeful. But Mataji had full faith in him. Mataji told me that Swamiji could come in any form. I used be silent seeing the deep and profound faith of Mataji in Swamiji.

My mother fell ill in Nov 1995. She was suffering from ascites and dropsy. Doctor said that it was irreversible. It cannot be cured. The treatment also continued and brothers, sisters gathered at home. Time passed on. Everybody tried to serve Mataji as best as he could.

It was 14th Dec 1995. There is a temple in Bhunter near Haathi Thaan near JL Sud’s residence. He met a Babaji there. After talking for sometime, Shri JL Sud brought babaji to his residence. He stayed with JL Sud for one day. He was totally resembling Swamji in his style of talks, sitting and talking. Next day Babaji expressed his wish to see Vaishno Devi temple (Mahadevi Tirth). Sh. JL Sud came to the temple along with him. on reaching the temple he made the Dandwat Pranaam to Geeta Maa. Then they sat in the Satsang Bhawan and talked for a while. Babaji said to Geeta Maa, I want to visit your home also. Geeta Maa said, My mother is seriously ill. Babaji said, I have to meet her also, lets go and perform our duties.

Babaji along with Geeta Maa and Shri JL Sud, came to our house on 16th Dec 1995. Shri Ogra and Mrs Ogra also accompanied Mataji. When they came and sat in our drawing room, I felt in the heart of the hearts as if Swamiji had himself appeared in this form. Like Swamiji he had only one chadar on his body and no clothes., style of talking, walking and sitting was the same. Some oranges in the plate were offered. He distributed one fourth part to everybody and kept one part to himself as Swamji used to do. Swamiji used to pick the two parts in the end for himself and one for me. I thought in my heart that if he was Swamiji he would do the same thing in the end. To my surprise he picked up two parts in the end gave one to me and took one for himself. I was extremely happy that Swamiji has actually come to keep his promise given to Mataji. I also understand that since Swamiji has reappeared there is not much time left for my mother to leave this world and go to heaven. On thinking this idea I felt sad also that our beloved mother will no more be with us to bless with her Ashirwaad.

Then Babaji said, Lets meet Mataji, where is she. We went along with him to the inside room where Mataji was sleeping. He went to our mother and said, Mataji, open your eyes. Babaji has come to take you to keep his promise. The time for leaving the world has come. Be ready to go and continue saying Ram Ram Ram.

He took the vibhuti from his bag, and made slow massage near the fore-head of Mataji and said, Everything will be OK. He asked for Ganga Jal and gave two three spoons of Ganga jal to Mataji and asked all of us to offer Ganga Jal to Mataji. Then we went to another room. He told me confidentially that only 24 hours were left. She would be Jeeva Mukta, the next day. He told us to give Antin Daan and do Kanya Pooja by Mataji, which was done. He did not take any food. He took dome fruits and then we had cup of tea.

Mrs Ogra came with her camera. She requested to take some photographs. We went in the courtyard and clicked some snaps with Babaji. Some group photos and some single ones. But when the film was developed, we were astonished to see that the snaps taken with Babaji has vanished, however the other snaps were intact.Then Babaji said, Now I want to move. All of us come up to the road to say farewell to him. he stood on the road side in front of our shop and started looking for Ram Sheetal’s house, who was coming to meet us. Babaji said, Wait let this devotee come here. Ram Sheetal came and bowed in his feet and said, Maharaj ji I am very troubled. I am not getting cured inspite of best treatment. Ram Sheetal was suffering from Eczema and it was spreading all over his body. Babaji put his hand on Ram Sheetal’s head and said, Don’t worry, everything will be OK. It was a miraculous Ashirwad. After this day Ram Sheetal began to be gradually cured and after some time he was fully cured.
Two boys were sent with Swamiji to escort him to the Bus Stand and get a ticket for him and arrange for his seat in the bus for where he wanted to go. On the return from the Bus stand, the boys told us that they got him seat in Kullu Mandi bus. The bus had to start in some time. The  boys went to the restaurant to have some tea and when they returned, they saw the bus is there but Swamiji was no where. They searched for him all over the Bus stand but all in vain. Babaji was not found anywhere. The boys then came back home.

So in this Swamiji reappeared in the form of Babaji and kept his promise given to Mataji that he would personally come to take her heaven. Adi Shankracharya had also given similar promise to his mother before taking up Sanyas that he would come to see his mother at the last time when she will be leaving the world.

When the time came Adi Shankracharya was somewhere near the Gangotari in Himalayas and it was in no way possible to reach Kerala through forests and wilderness. So he did his job bu dint of Astral body – the suksham sharira. He changed his body into subtler astral body by the power of meditation and appeared in his home where his mother was on the death and said, Mother your shanker has come to keep his promise. Please tell me which form you want to see and realize Almighty. The Mother said, Shankar I was only waiting for you. Now by your yoga power let me realize the self and Almighty in all the forms so that I may leave this world perfectly contended.

Adi Shankracharya by his supernatural powers made his mother realize. The Atman and the Almighty in every atom of the world and showed her all the incarnations of The God. She left the world completely satisfied and in the meditation of Almighty.  Traveling by the astral body or Suksham Sharira it is not difficult for these Yogis who can separate their Astral Body from the physical body by the power of meditation and their will. There have been many saints in India who could do it. There may be some present also.
Swami Yoga Nanda in his book “Autobiography of Yogi” has given a different experience. He went to Himalayas with his friend, when they reached in the interior and higher Himalayas, they lost way due to thick fog and got separated from each other. His companions went the other way and he himself went the other way. The night was about to fall and Swami Yogananda was in search of the shelter. He saw the light of the lamp in a cottage at a distance. He went there and requested for shelter. An old Babaji came out who seemed to be 100 years old. He said that he could stay with him for the night. Yogananda sat inside, when the night fall, the Babaji asked Yogananda what food do you like and what food you will take. Yogananda said to Babaji since nothing would be available lets keep the fast today. The Babaji asked Yogananda to close his eyes for a minute. He did so and when he opened his eyes two plates of well cooked food which he relished were present there, one for him and one for Babaji. They had some talks and slept in the cottage for the night. In the morning when Yogananda woke up, Babaji asked him, Where do you want to go? You want to meet your companions or want to go back to Haridwar? Yogananda said that it would be difficult to search my companion, so I want to go back to Haridwar. Babaji told him to close his eyes for a minute and when Yogananda was asked to open his eyes, he was sitting at Har-Ki-Pouri, Haridwar. He was ashtonished how the journey of two three days was completed in one minute without walking. It was a miracle. What happened actually? The Baba by the force of the will power and meditation changed the body of Shri Yogananda to the from the physical body to the Astral body from the Panch Bhoot Sharira to the Suksham Sharira and made it travel as the light or the ray of the light and reappeared at Haridwar again as the physical body in Panch Bhoot Sharira. The are miracles and supernatural powers but they are the product of Yoga, Meditation, Samadhi and will power as Patanjili has defined it as Sayama in the Yog Shashtra.

When Swami Shankaracharya could not win the Shashtrartha with his wife of Madan Mishra about grahasth ashram, it is said that he transmigrated his soul in the body of the Raja and died the same day. Shankracharya entrusted his body to his disciples and told them to keep it safe and guarded it till he comes back in his old body. The Raja became alive after sometime of his death. The people thought that he got a new lease of the life. The Rani Queens used to say that Raja has become very religious and since he got a new lease of life. They never knew that it was the soul of Shankaracharya which has entered the body of the Raja. Shankracharya, learned all the secrets, rules and regulations of Grihastha Ashram and then again transmigrated his soul into the previous body which was guarded by his disciples. Shankracharya came again in the same body and Raja died again.
This is also a miracle which Shankracharya could attain by the strength of Sankalp Shakti, will power, deep and profound meditation and the power to go into the Samadhi. This is not an ordinary job only Sidh Purush can do it.

All the miraculous powers or the supernatural powers come from the strong willpower of the meditation. But one must have the knowledge of what is Antahakarna, Man Budhi Chit, Ahankara, Pran Vayu, Jiwatma, the Astral body and the Suksham Sharir.

The saints who can separate their astral body from their physical body and use the astral body just as the physical body, enter into the realm of supernatural powers. It is upto them, they use them or not. But generally they don’t use them.  Meditation is the centrak pivot for all this. Such a profound meditation which may enter into Samadhi can achieve anything. What is meditation and or how to maintain it and lead upto Samadhi, the study of Patanjali Yog Shashtra is recommended.

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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