The Kundalni Yoga

It is believed that all out supernatural powers are lying dormant in the form of Kundalini at Muladhara, the first chakra which needs to be awakened by the pranayama and meditation, this is called "Kriya Yoga". When this is awakened it becomes embodiment of the cosmic light and energy. Muladhar is also called "Pelvic Plexux". Meditation on the Chakra lying good health capability, brilliance and eminence in life.

The second chimney that is covering the cosmic light of Aatma is that of our Jalatva, the water. The attachment of our dear and near, because water symbolizes the blood relations and our biggest attachment is to our blood relations. That is called "Moha" or attachment. Moha, originates from Jalatva, so in order to break this watery chimneyof Moha Tatwa, we have to keep ourselves away from all kind of attachments. The second chakra - the "Swadhisthan" chakra (Hypogastic Plexus) represents the Jalatva. As soon as we transgress the bond of Prithavi Tatva by getting free gtom Lobha or the greed for the worldly wealth the cosmic power of the Kundalini rises upto the level of Swadhisthan chakra, which is shown as the petalled lotus.

Kundalni rises from this level only when we by pass the worldly attachment, when we have no Aasakti or attachment for our relatives, friends, but we do the duty towards them without fail is a proper manner then the second veil on the light of the Aatma is lifted and Kundalini rises up from the level of Swadhisthan chakra.

When these two thick veils on the light of Aatma are lifted, we can have the glimpse of the cosmic light of Aatma to some extent.

The third veil on the light of the Atma is Agitatva and the third chakra is called Manipur chakra. It is represented by ten petalled lotus. Its is called solar plexux. It represents agnitava creates anger. When man gets angry he looses his awareness and provern goes "Anger is half madness", man behaves like mad man. The knowledge, the intelligence and the light of Aatma is lost in the madness of anger. This chakra lies in the Nabhi sathana, the middle way of the human body.

An angry man cannot realize anything., what to speak of Aatma. So long we do not shun the anger, our mind cannot be concentrated and without calm mind, nothing can be achieved. So the third obstacle in the realization of Aatma is anger, which comes from this angintatva. Anger is most difficult to conquer. Even Lord Shanker got angry and started doing Tandav Nritaya; but in comparison, Lord Krishna had full control of anger. He listened to the bad names called by Shishupal and remained smiling, never showed any anger and after giving last warning beheaded him with his sudharshan chakra with a smile on his lips.

If we conquer anger also and be at pace with the calm mind, this fiery veil on the cosmic light of the Aatma is lifted and the Kundalini arises above the Manipura Chakra. And the light of Aatma now becomes some what visible, though it is yet to be realized what kind of light it is.

The fourth veil on the light of the Aatma is that of Vayu tatva, which is ver sublime. This veil is not normally visible as well, but it can be realized as well. It relates to our sublime wishes for the gratification from the beautiful things and ambitions in life. In order to steer clear of these wishes, the Yogi has to surrender himself into the will of God, just as the Lord Christ said, "Thy will shall prevail". Otherwise one will have to take the birth again for fufilling these sublime wishes. Sometimes the yogi who have passed all these wishes, have still the one last wish that is of doing good to the humanity and to end the woes and the sufferings of the people. So they have to take the birth again, till all these desires are fulfilled and no such desires remains.

This chakra is called the cardiac complex. This is shon as 12 petalled lotusnear the heart. This is also called anahat chakra . Meditation on this chakra keeps one away from from heart attacks. This chakra also represents the mind.

To lift the sublime veil of Vayu tatva or Manas is very difficult. Because our mind cannot sit still. It always has some desires of ambitions rising one after the other. Mind has been compared to an ocean in which waves continue to rise all the times, one after the another. Normally we see onl the waves and think that this is all the sea. Infact the ocean is away from the waves. If we go in the middle of the ocean, where there are no waves or very few waves, we can understand what the ocean is.

In the same way, thoughts come to our mind one after another and there  is no end to it. We can understand the mind only when it is calm and peaceful and desireless or concentrated in meditation.

Only concentration and meditation in the name of the Almighty can make us able to by pass the obstacles and lift the veil of the Vau Tatva from the Aatma. But this needs a long and constant practice.

It we have no desires in our mind, the light of almighty will automatically come to us. In this stage we can clearly visualize the bliss and light of Aatma. This is normally the state of the meditation or Dhyana.

The last veil of the Aatma is that of the universe - or the Aakash tatva. It is completely invisible. Saints call it ego - Ahankar. The feeling of Jeeatma that he is separate entity from Paramatma (Almighty) is the ego of Jeeva. The fact is that the life and the consciousness is a continuous all prevailing, and invisible thing. It has never been nor can ever be divided into individual soul and the cosmic conciousness. But we are under the illusion and delusion and think that we are a separate entit from the Almighty. Things are not what they are seen to be. Since so many births we have ben regarding ourselves as bodies and not the souls and so we consider our body as Jiwa or the abode of Jiwa.

In fact the Jiwa and the Brahma are the one and the same thing. The ego is represented by the Aakash Tatva and Vishudhi chakra which is also called Carotid Plexus. It is shown by 16 petalled Lotus near the throat. It represents Shadh Onkar or the power of speech.

When we cross the barrier of ego - or the sublime veil of Akash tatva, the Ahankara, we can see fully the light of Aatma. The kundalini then crosses to the Madula Plexus, the two petalled lotus, shown between the two eyes brows.

This Medula Pluxes is the organ of clear vouyance. This is also called the third eye of Lord Shiva. This is the chakra where the divine light can be received and emanated to the world at large.

When Kundalini reaches here, the individual becomes, Jeevan Mukta.

The last chakra is called Cerebral Pluxes - the Sahastra or the Shunya chakra which is represented by thousand petalled lotus under the skull. This is the place of the Almighty. f tthe Kundalini enters this pluxes the Yogi and the almighty become one and the same thing, merge into each other as the water merges into the great ocean and no rebirth, no coming back is possible. That is the state of Samadhi.

Swamiji told me that if we can keep away from all the desires which are simply the bondages, we can realize the light of Aatma. If we give up our ego and think that the conciousness in the body is same as cosmic conciousness, we can be one with the Almighty, enjoying the same priveleges, which the almighty enjoys. If the drop wants to become as powerful as ocean it has to loose its identity as a drop and merge with the ocean. Then only the drop will be ocean itself having the same powers and force of the ocean.

All the worldly desires act as a veil which hide the light of Aatma from us.

My discussion with Swamiji continued off and on. In the mean time the construction in Mahadevi Tirth progressed by leaps and bounds. Two more caves were discovered and the temple of the Lord shiva was made there. Work on the Yatri Niwas was also started.

People and devotees continued to gather around Swamiji and more and more people came to visit the place.

In my heart of the hearts I had a keen desire to know how the miracles take place but every time I asked my question remained unanswered. Sometimes he talked in symbolism, but I could not understand.

Time passed on my ardent but the wish to know the secret did not stop.

After months again, during our talks I asked Swamiji the same old question, How the miracles take place?

And this time to my Good Luck Swamiji was in a mood to say something. He said it is the guarded secret. It is a mystic Sadhna, which we tell only to our disciples. He further told me that since he regarded me as a friend, he would tell something about it.

It was the deed of greatness that Swamiji bestowed upon me. The honor of being his friend and privilege of being treated as such. In my hearts I always respected him and regarded him and homored him as the most vunerable Guru Dev and the devotion of Swamiji was reflected in all my actions, Swamiji told me, Keeping the purity of your heart and devotion, you will always remain dear to me as Arjuna used to be dear to Lord Krishna.

The mood of Swamiji was almost the same as Lord Krishna when he started giving Geeta Gyan to Arjuna, unfolding the layers after layers or the eternal knowledge and that too very simple in the form of Sutras. He told me, Look here Ramlal, All the miracles happen by the force of meditation and will power. The Almighty has blessed us with will power and a mind and that is all powerful.

 If we know how to detract our mind from the five senses and concentrate it on God realization, we can enter the realm of meditation.

Swamiji gave me important hints for meditation, which need to be mentioned here. They can be revealed only to the capable devotees, who have the understandngs, the background and knowledge of yoga. Secrets can not be made declarations.

He told me that after the practice of meditation for sufficient time, you will be able to visualize your Ishta Deva on the Lotus of your heart.

When you increase your meditation, and make it intensive and extensive, you can even talk to your Ishta Deva in meditation.

I continued meditation for many months and made some progress as Swamiji had indicated.

One day I again met Swamiji and asked how the meditation becomes all powerful. Swamiji laughed and virtually unveiled the law of miracles. He told me, In deep meditationw are in full communion with the Almighty and therefore, we are one with God. There remains no difference between the individual self and cosmic self. No fifference between Jiwa and Brahma so as to say that there remains no difference between individual soul and universal soul. Individual consciousness and the universal consciousness become one and the same thing. The veil of Maya is lifted, the bonds of matter are cast aside the dualit is vanished and there remains only one vast unlimited the infinite, all prevailing consciousness.

In that state of existence you become you become creator. ou have almost the same powers as Almighty has. Because the illusion, the Maya, the Avidya which makes us feel that we have a separate existence from God, remains no where, no more in the meditation. He explained with the example of a pitcher in this context. That is to say, the space is the pitcher and the universal space are one and the same thing, the undivisible. There is no difference between both. B the veil of Maya they appear to be separate. It is our illusion that they are separate.

Now suppose the space within the pitcher becomes conscious, and get the power of thinking , it will certainl think that it has its own separate entit if some how or other the pitcher is broken. The space within the pitcher would think that it has the limitation of time and space just as the human soul within the body thinks that it has certain limitations - those of body time, age etc. In fact there are no limitations. The only limit for the space within the pitcher is the pitcher itself and as soon as the pitcher is broken, the space within the pitcher become infinite. In the same way the only limitation for the human soul is the ego - that I am the body - the Ahankara of being a separate entity from the universal existence. As soon as, a person sheds of ego of being a separate body, all limitations of jiwa are gone and all the bonds of matter are broken.

As soon as we understand and realize that we are not the body but we are the souls and part and parcel of universal consciousness, which is all powerful, all prevailing onmiscient, self realization comes to us. We realize that our real self that we are at par with the cosmic consciousness.

He who realizes the truth through meditation become a Seer, a Buddha an enlightened person and Jiwan Mukta and gets salvation enjoying the same powers that the Almighty enjoys.

Meditation is the shortest way, the Royal Highway to achieve the self-realization. Swamiji told me to continue meditation and not to runafter miracles. If you have the powers of meditation, the power of miracles will follow in its natural way.

I had read somewhere that the knowledge is power. Now I understood that knowledge combined with medition is power.


 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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