Chapter 3

The Tea Pot Miracle

 During these entire days the entire land was barren and cowboys came there for grazing their cattle. People from the city came there off and on. I also along with some of my friends used to go for the walk and meet Swamiji. Some of the devotees brought few utensils, a kettle for making tea and some provisions also. When people used to come and meet Swamiji, he used to serve them tea along with his saintly love and affection. These were very happy moments indeed. The tea served by Swamiji always had a divine taste.

One evening, in July 1967 I went to Swamiji as usual. We were enjoying our talk and in the meantime two or more persons came there. Swamiji asked me to prepare few cups of the tea in the small kettle that he was having. I lit the fir stove and put the kettle on it with about 4 cups of water in it. I searched for sugar, milk and tea but nothing was found in the cottage. I asked Swamiji about tea and milk and sugar. Swamiji said: Has the water boiled - till the time it boils you will yourself have milk and sugar and tea. Let the water boil and all will come by that time.

I was very friendly with Swamiji so I asking jokingly - Where will it come from, shall it fall suddenly. Swamiji said - Just wait and see what happens. I did not have words to say anything to Him, so I sat beside him and waited.

As soon as the water began to boil, I was amazed when a man came in and with a packet of sugar and tea. Swamiji smiled benevolently and handed over to me asked me to go ahead. I prepared about four cups of black tea thinking that today we will have to bear without milk, but then a sweet shopkeeper came with the bottle of milk.

Swamiji said - You used to come alone, is there any good news that you came with the bottle of milk. He said - Yes Swamiji today I got an inner voice which inspired me to take a bottle of milk.

Swamiji smiled and gave the milk to me and said - Now serve the tea.

I put the milk in the pot and prepared the tea - and served it to everybody.

After some time, few more people came to visit Swamiji. Swamiji looked at me and said - Serve them also. I looked at Swamiji and whispered - There is a very little tea left. Shall I prepare the same again? Swamiji smiled and said - This pot should have enough of the tea - just serve.

I took the kettle and poured the tea. I was glad to see that both the cups were filled and there still was some tea left in the pot. I was glad that I was able to serve the tea to all who were there. I took the kettle and put the same in the corner thinking that this work is over now.

After sometime few more people came there. Swamiji asked me to serve them the tea. I again whispered - Swamiji tea is finished. Swamiji smiled mysteriously and said - Arey bring the kettle and serve you will surely find the tea in there. I took the kettle and started pouring the tea. To my amazement the cups were again filled with tea. I again served two cups of tea to the visitors.

To my mind it was a miracle. I asked Swamiji - Maharaj, Yeh Kya Leela Hai - Maharaj, what kind of Miracle is this? To which he said - This is the grace of Maa Annapurna. Annapurna Bhagwati was so kind that she always looked after His needs wherever He required.

This process continued. Devotees came and Swamiji used to serve them tea affectionately.

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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