Swamiji and His Everlasting Thoughts

Swamiji - a saint, an idol and everything for us is a vital and immortal personality who is high and living in our mind and soul. He is what without whom our aim of life is worthless, meaningless. He is an inspiration for all of us. We all bow a lot to him. He is esteemed and respectable person who is always living in hearts and minds of all the devotees of Shri Mahadevi Tirth. If we are able to feel him, then we can find his essence everywhere, in each and every corner of this world. He is like a flower, whose fragrance we cannot hide, which can be felt everywhere. God has bestowed us with the gem Swamiji. No one knew where he lived, where he is from, but he has given a valuable thing in the form of Shri Mahadevi Tirth, not only to us, but also to this whole world. Following the order of Shri Maa, he came here in Kullu and found a pious idol of Devi Maa within the rocks and made his huge and prestigious mandir. We are so lucky that we are connected with this mandir where each and every devotee is bound in the thread of unity, faith and hardwork. Mataji is part and parcel of this mandir. The main motive of Mandir and Swamiji is mainly Nishkaam Karma Sewa. Nishkaam karam is simply to work for without expecting anything in return, without looking for any profit. it is to work for humanity, for our elders, our younger ones, to animals, to each and every person in this world. A small act in our daily life can be Nishkaam Karma. So we should prefer Nishkaam Karam in daily lives and feeling proud for doing so. We should also spread this idea in our locality and our collegues. This will be a small act to pay tribute to Swamiji and pay our regards to Mataji and to get rid of our sins.

Jai Mata Di


Ananta Raina

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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