Chapter 12

Narendra's (Swami Vivek) Sanyasa

In the mean time Sh. Narenderji, who was working in the Semi Govt institution, left the service an became a devotee of Swamiji. He was enunciated as Swami Vivek and entrusted with the construction work of the temple. He had a very good knowledge of Ayurveda. Later on he started a free Dispensary for the service of the suffering humanity. he was also the expert and specialist in accue-pressure. he started many accue-pressure centers namely Bhuntar, Manali, Jaree, Dhalpur etc and cured many patients.

Unfortunately when he was at the height of his career, he took the Jal Samadhi in the year 2002.

His Samadhi has been made adjacent to Swamiji's Samadhi.

Thakur Das, a young boy came to Mahadevi Tirth and enunciated as Swami Kamal in Sharda Maa Seva Sangha and all the temple construction work is going on under his guidance. The Yatri Niwas, the Bhandara building, the other temples and Maha Kali Temple, all these buildings have been constructed under his command and by his sheer hard work and the development work of the Mahadevi Tirth still going on.

A registered society - the Sharda Maa Seva Sangha under the life presidentship of Geeta Maa has been formed for the management of all the temple work.

So much so that on the one hand development of the temple coninud and side by side my intimacy with Swamiji also increased day by day. I used toask Swamiji many questions about Almighty, the Brahma, the Jiva and what is Maya, but Swamiji always smiled on my questions and said Do your duty and do it well. You will come to know everything at the proper time.


 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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