My Journey of Adhyatam


I was born and bought up in the Sanatan Dharam family.. My father Shri Sohan Lal Sood and mother Labdu Devi Sood were both devoted to the Vaishnu Dharam.. I from my childhood was inspired from my parents and their devotion towards God; not only this I was highly influenced by the selfless service they used to do for serving humanity.. My heart and soul soon had an urge to meet God - to see him - to talk to him.. The bed time stories narrated by my mother from the mythological books increased my devotion towards God and increased in me the urge to seek him.. After completion of my higher studies from Chandighar; I served the Education Dept in Kullu and my life was going on smoothly however that urge for attaining the paramatma was increasing.. I used to spend most of my time in learning about our culture; reading mythological books; understanding epics; reading Veda.. Not only this God made me server humanity in any form - sometimes in the form of teacher; sometimes as a student; sometimes as a person cooking food and serving people; sometimes treating the people suffering from pain..

Without knowing what God has kept for me, I used to spent my days and nights in search of the Gateway of Salvation when one day I met this great soul - Swamiji.. He taught me the aspects of life and made me learn the true virtues of Selfless service.. I was highly inspired from his thoughts and thus one day I left all the worldly desired and presented my self in the service of the God..

Baba's activities used to make me wonder; how a person can me so generous that he cannot differentiate between the life forms.. For him all were equal - he was found cleaning and feeding the stray dogs; at the same time he used to show his care and tenderness for the people who came to meet him.. Baba was truely devoted not only to God but to Humanity..

One day I saw Baba with a Dog in his laps - he was gently cleaning him with his shawl.. To my utmost surprise I asked Baba what is all this - why you carrying this dirty dog in your lap.. To which he smiled and replied - Maa, this little fellow was trapped in the Nali and was shivering from the fever, I was passing by and he looked at me.. I took him out and am holding him in my lap.. He is feeling happy here.. You bring some milk and bread for my child.. After witnessing this Jeev Seva I was completely surprised as I had never seen such emotions and bindings between two unknown souls.. This cleared all my doubts and I believed to the fact that Baba is really an incarnation of the great soul.. He is not here to be famous or be God or create a crowd of devotees; rather he is here to show us pathway to attain the real eternity - to show us the Gateway of Salvation..

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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