My Experience With Mahadevi Tirth

      Devotees come and go,
    But I will never let my devotion towards mahadevi tirth get low….

Mahadevi tirth as the name suggests, a temple full of love, devotion and respect as well. This is not only a temple but is also an institution for the devotees where they find the way towards salvation. For me it’s not only a temple but a place which is close to me after my home. I don’t know how I got attached with the people of mandir. All of them are lovable and take care of us and fulfills our demands, the demands of love, care and affection. I and my family never feel strange at that place since we usually visit mandir after a year.

I use to visit mahadevi tirth since from my childhood. And at every visit I have a new experience. It’s not only a building for me but also a feeling which always remain with me at every moment of life till my death. What I recently experienced is that “mahadevi tirth” has almost all similarities as a “tree”. Mahadevi tirth is a tree growing high and high with the grace of swami jee. If we compare the institution with the tree we will find out that the seed is being sown by SRI SRI SWAMI JEE MAHARAJ in the pious place of Kullu(H.P).He took care of the seed till the seed was converted into a plant. Before leaving body, swami jee gave the responsibility of the plant to Maa Geeta. She took care of the plant since then and provided the necessary nourishment through her teachings and blessings. These teachings are necessary for a human being to move towards the path of success. As the years passed by, the plant grew into a big tree and now the tree is having enough branches. Here, these branches are being compared by different states and countries as well. Here the question arises how the food is transported from root to the shoot? The transport of food takes place with the help of devotees. Devotees come here and takes with them a lot of experience, which they share with there friends and relatives after they reach their homes. In this way a new devotee gets attached with the mandir and takes part in the progress of temple. The good thoughts are stored as a fruit on the tree which satisfies the person whosoever eats it and the bad ones r like those leaves which leave stem after a short duration of time. Till now, I was taking about shoot part of the tree but as the shoot part grows the root also gets stronger with time. This concludes that the root (means basis) of mahadevi tirth is in such a way strong that it has the stamina to hold the mushrooming shoot.
At last I would like to share that, I and my family is very happy after being attached with the mahadevi tirth. We are actually proud to be a part of it.
            “JAI MATA DI…………”
Ambica Raina(Jammu)

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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