Mahanirwana of Swamiji

Almost in the end of 1986, Swamiji often used to say that he has completed his mission of the life and he would leave this cage of body in which soul is bonded. He used to take very little food for more and more time he used to remain in the meditation. One day I went to see him. Swamiji said - "Will you take the responsibility of making my samadhi, Baba will very soon leave for his heavenly abode.

Isaid, Maharaj, I am feeling very said to hear such talk from your good self. Swamiji said, you may feel sad or pleased, it does not matter much. The inevitable must happen. Whosoever have taken birth, is bound to die one day. There is nothing to worry about.Just as we change the old clothes and wear the new clothes, in the same way this jiwatma leaves the old body and takes birth in the new body. So you should accept whatever responsibility is being entrusted to you and give your consent to make m Samadhi, when I leave this world.

I said, Swamiji I love you so much, I shall not be able to do this service for you, I cannot think of it. The service may kindly be entrusted to somebody else. Swamiji began to laugh and said, There is no dearth of the devotees, hundreds and hundreds will come up and take the responsibility. I was just considering your love and devotion for me so that you could do this work with love and devotion. Alright, if you are afraid of it, do not worry, the time will take care of itself and my devotees will rise to the occasion. Swamiji's health was deteriorating day by day. His very good devotee and disciple Shri Jagdish Lal (working in KVIC, Shimla). There was a famous Raj Vadya in Shimla. Shri J.L.Sud was entrusted by Geeta Maa with the duty of bringing the Raj Vadya to Kullu and Swamiji examined by him. Raj Vadya was expert in feeling the pulse and diagnose every disease on the strength of his knowledge of the pulse.

After some days, Shri J.L. Sud brought the Raj Vadya with him. Other devotees also reached the temple. Shri J.L. Sud, along with Geeta Maa wnet to Swamiji's cottage and told that Raj Vadya has come to see his pulse.

Swamiji Laughed and said, Well Vadya Raj has come. A few minutes before I was talking to Yamraj. I have told him that I would leave this body out of my own sweet will and he need not take the troble of reminding me again. It is very good that Vadya Raj has also come, let us meet with him also. Swamiji asked about the whereabouts of the Vadya Raj and ordered for the Jalpan and refreshment to Vadya Raj. After taking a cup of ta, the Raj Vadya asked permission of Swamiji to feel his pulse. Swamiji put his hand in the hand of the Raj Vadya and said, Feel the pulse and feel it well.

Vadya Raj examined the pulse of the right hand, then of the left hand, and then again the right hand several times and he was perplexed because he was not finding the viberation of pulse anywhere. Then he examised the heart beat of Swamiji, but it was also missing. Swamiji asked, Vadya Raj, did you get the pulse, hat does it show?

Vadya Raj fell at the feet of Swamiji and said, I have examined the pulse of atleast 12 lac people during last 40 years, but I have not seen such a miracle. The pulse is stopped and heart beat is no where being felt, but you are sitting peacefully and talking to me . I am at a loss to understand this mytery. Only the Sidh Yogi's can do this. Maharaj ji, I beg your pardon for doing this impertinence of feeling your pulse.

Swamiji laughed and honored the Raj Vadya with a chaddar and normal TA DA Vadya Raj went back very much impressed by Swamiji and his miracle. After somedays I again went to meet Swamiji and during the talk I asked, Maharaj ji what was the miracle which happened with Vadya Raj. Swamiji smiled and smiled. He took hand and put it on the center of his skull and asked, Do you understand what is this?. I touched with my hand and found the place where Hindus keep Shikha or Choti, quite soft. It was so soft thateven the finger could pierce into it with little pressure.

I said, Swamiji I do understand it. When the Yogi's leave their body, their Suksham Atma go by this tenth door so as to say by Kapal Mochan. Then they do not have to take the birth again and they get the salvation. So long as Pran Vayu along with Jiwa go through other doors of the body, say eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc they came to the world again according to the law of Karma. For the ordinary people if the Pranas leave from door above the neck, it is regarded very good, it is regarded that they will get a very good position in next life. If the Pran Vayu leave through the doors below the Nabhichakra, it is not good. It is regarded as the downwards placement of the Jiwatma.

Swamiji said, Now all the preparations are complete. I shall go as soon as my term in this world expires. Some days after when I again went to the temple and met Swamiji, he began to say, Arey I have not much time left now. Give me one promise. I said, I feel my duty bound to obey all your commands, what to speak of a single promise. Swamiji said - Put your hand in my hands. I past my hand in his hands, then He said, Do you promise, I said I solemnly give you the promise I shall do whatever you command me to do. Then Swamiji said, Take care of my mummy. Do you take this responsibility. I said Swamiji, I shall keep my promise till the end of my life. Swamiji said, come and stand by the temple whenever there is a need to do so. Baba will take care of the rest. In his astral body invisibly, Baba will always remain with you. Don't worry, when there is a need, remember me. The unexpected divine help will pour in.

And it has always happened anytime when on remembering Swamiji, divine help has come to us. By and by Swamiji told Geeta Maa, Swami Narender and Kamal Dass also about it. The responsibility of the last rites was entrusted to Swami Vivek and Swami Kamal. The other devotees also came to know about it and the time passed on. In the beginning of Dec 87, Swamiji used to feel uneasy and diminished his food also.

Anxiety of the devotees and Shri Geeta Maa begun to increase because anything could happen anytime.We started coming to the temple and visit Swamiji daily. The final farewell was very imminent. On 13th Dec 1986, we got the telephone message from Geeta Maa that Swamiji was not feeling well. All of us reached the temple. Lala Sadhu Ram ji, Jugdish ji, Sh. Gopinder Chaudhary ji, Sh VK Sud, Sh Ram Sital and other devotees decided to stay in the temple that day. There were two doctors among His devotees. They were also called. They said, Nothing can be said as surely sometimes the pulse is normal and sometimes it is quite missing. You should be vigilant. Now it depends on his will. He can leave for his heavenly abode, at his own will. It is upto him now. At about 11:30am Swamiji told us to go to the langar and take our meals. Maa Geeta said, All of you please go and take prasad in the Bhandara, I will look after Swamiji.

We all went to Bhandara.What happened after that, Maa Geeta has written in her autobiography. She told us that Swamiji said "Mummy, the time of departure has come. Don't worry I shall remain with you in the temple in the invisible form. Whenever you will remember me, I shall send you the divine help in person, kind or material. In the mean time the divine blue light came from His eyes and became invisible into the sky. Maa Geeta then called us, Lalaji come up. All of us same running to the cottage of Swamiji.We were very sad to see Swamiji lying peacefully, with a divine touch on his face, and usual smile as if he would talk to us. But alas He had left to the Param Dham. We were at a loss to understand what to do now. Then Geeta Maa asked us to inform all the other devotees. So they were informed on phone. This information spread like fire and by the evening long queues of the devotees were seen.

The body of Swamiji was kept in Padmason in front of the Trimurti temple so that the people, the devotees, the janta janardan could pay their last tribute to Him. Pandits were called and the time for the placement of the Samadhi was fixed. It was getting evening today and queue of devotees was very long, so the next day was fixed. The queue to pay last tribute continued. A camp fire was lit in front ground so that the devotees could pass the night and continued their vigil of night. The devotees continued pouring tributes till the next morning also.

Shri Maa ji, Swami Vivek ji and Swami Kamal ji completed the last rites and made arrangements for Samadhi. A place for Samadhi, 8 feet by 4 feet and 6 feet deep was made and body of the Swami ji was placed in it in Padmasana. There were enough arrangement for dry fruits to be offered in the last Darshan of Swami ji and the people also bought large quantity of the almonds, coconut, date palms, cashews etc. to be offered in Samadhi. People started for paying the last tributes in the Samadhi. The line continued to be bigger and bigger. The devotees with a heav heart and wet eyes continued to advance and offered dry fruits in the Samadhi and bowed their heads in respect and reverence. The process continued at least for 4 hours, and the Samadhi place was over flowing with the dry fruits offered by the devotees. When the last man paid his tributes, the Samadhi was filled with the material at the dug out place and big stones were kept on it for the safety of the Samadhi.

Swamiji went to the Vaikunth Dham after completing his worldly mission leaving behind a relation of love and affection and devotion by which all the devotees are bound even today. He came as an unknown person and on the strength of his love and affection, he became the favorite and venerable to everybody. He never explained his name and identity, even then by his universal love and affection, he became honorable as CM of the state as the father of the masses. Whenever adverse circumstances surrounds, us we remember him and divine help comes. Whosoever went to him with the request of the compassion, Swami ji releaved him of all difficulties and misfortunes b his Yoga Shakti. He was the ruler of the hearts and the minds of the devotees, their highest well wisher and whenever we visit His Samadhi our head bows down in reverence and our heart feels extreme joy of ecstasy. No doubt, his kind of patronage in the invisible form is always with us, with all the devotees who remember him sincerely.

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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